NJ Documentary Family Photography | Beltrán Family

We have a lot of history with Joselyn. Not only are her and her husband Jorge some of our favorite clients ever (we photographed their beautiful wedding in 2012), but now, they’ve helped us add a beautiful addition to our family.

Our new puppy Layla wasn’t supposed to make it. She was born with a cleft palate and a veterinarian recommended to euthanize her because he didn’t think she’d be able to live a normal life.

Joselyn and Jorge, having a newborn, a 3 year old, 3 adult dogs, and now 5 puppies; along with a demanding military career, decided that they wanted to give Layla a chance. Naming her Layla, so that if the worst happened, at the very least, she had a name. They bottle fed her on the same schedule as their newborn son Andre. Through their love and care, Layla not only survived, she thrived, being the first of the puppies to walk. Now, at 17 weeks, her pallet is closing on its own and she is a happy, healthy, energetic, and cuddly puppy who has no clue she has any kind of disability.

When we heard her story, saw her photos, and found that she needed a home, we knew she had to be ours to love forever. We photographed Joselyn and her two boys in part to pay them back for bringing Layla to us. We could never repay them for all the love, care, and effort they put in to give Layla a chance to eventually make her way to us, but we know they will treasure these photographs forever.