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Savannah-GA-Photography84We’re often asked how we work together without killing each other, but working together has nothing to do with it. Relationships are not easy, and ours, like everyone else’s is difficult at times. After being together for 12 years and married for almost 7 we’ve had many ups and downs and through all of them we’ve learned how our relationship works.

Sometimes you just need to break up the routine and see something new. Sometimes you just need a reset. Savannah did that for us. Between seeing the beautiful Spanish moss and eating an over abundance of comfort food, I started thinking about how our relationship works. Why don’t we kill each other? Why is it that working together seems like the only thing that does work for us? What is it about us an individuals that forces us to constantly strive to be better people for each other so that our relationship can continue to grow?

If someone were to ask me to sum up my life, I couldn’t do it without talking about Steve. For almost half my life, every high and low has had to do with him. My lows have been earth shattering low, and my highs incredibly high. The highs are what everyone sees, but my lows only Steve sees, and he balances them out by making me realize that they’re momentary and not the end of the world, or by pushing me past the low onto another amazing high.

Steve is my soulmate, and Savannah was a great place for our souls to grow.


The majority of the photos below were taken using our Fuji XT-1 with a 35mm, some were taken using our Canon 6D 200L combination and a few, including obligatory airplane window photos were taken with our iPhones.


We’ve been following some photographer friends from Orlando on Facebook for a while and they were in Savannah for a few days. Our first day happened to be their last, so the first thing we did was grab a few beers at Moon River Brewing with these two.


We stayed at the Eliza Thompson house. I can’t say enough about how amazing our stay was. We felt like royalty eating breakfast in the courtyard and wine and cheese in the parlor. Being that this place dates back to 1847, our only disappointment was not meeting any ghosts, but we did meet a cat…Savannah-GA-Photography5Savannah-GA-Photography6Savannah-GA-Photography7Savannah-GA-Photography8



Byrd’s cookies were amazing. I’m sad that they’re all gone (cough cough, Steve)


Spanish moss was everywhere. It created a paradise when the sun started going down.


Steve and I both agree that the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge was our favorite part of the entire trip. Savannah-GA-Photography41Savannah-GA-Photography42Savannah-GA-Photography43


We didn’t discover River Street until our second full day, but when we did we felt at home. Made of 1800s cobblestone and converted warehouses, River Street is where it’s at in Savannah, and it really comes alive at night.


We also met up with some NJ friends, Darryl and Amanda. Darryl is in the army and is stationed near Savannah.


On Friday we drove to Charleston, SC, which is only a couple hours from Savannah. The city was beautiful, but if I had to pick one I would choose Savannah. Both cities have rich histories, Charleston probably more so, but Charleston seemed newer in a lot of the ways that Savannah retained it’s charm. The vibe I got from Charleston is that it’s old and beautiful and perfect, but Savannah was also old and beautiful in it’s own imperfect way.

I’m pretty sure the drive back to Savannah during sunset was my favorite part of the day.


Back on River Street we explored some of the old industrial warehouses and met back up with Amanda and Darryl.


The Pirate’s House date’s back to 1753 and was once a tavern frequented by pirates. Like the rest of the city, the building kept it’s charm. Today it’s a restaurant, we ate there on our way out of Savannah for our last taste of southern comfort food.Savannah-GA-Photography81Savannah-GA-Photography82Savannah-GA-Photography83Savannah-GA-Photography84Savannah-GA-Photography85Savannah-GA-Photography86Savannah-GA-Photography87Savannah-GA-Photography88

And we visited the refuge one final time on our way out. Our favorite spot.Savannah-GA-Photography89Savannah-GA-Photography90