Mid-Century Modern Home Office by The Markows

After closing on our house just two weeks ago, we’ve already finished our office! Yes, we’re proud, in fact, I think we deserve some applause because it was really hard work.

but seriously, check out the final result, complete with our cute dog eating a bone…

Mid-Century Modern home office by The Markows

A little background, we put in an offer on our house January 9th, and we closed February 28th, thanks to our kick ass realtor, Diana Brunner… have you ever heard of such a fast and on time closing before?

Since we purchased a 1960s ranch (beautifully updated and waiting for us,) we figured it was appropriate to run with the mid-century theme, at least with the office, so that’s just what we did.

We started with the clock… actually, I started with the clock while we were still in our apartment. I obviously couldn’t get my vision for the office out of my head…

Mid-Century Modern home office by The Markows

Here is a link to the tutorial I used πŸ™‚

Once the clock was finished, we moved on to painting, well, Steve moved on to painting, turns out, I’m too short to evenly paint a wall, but luckily Steve is an advantageous 6’3. (please forgive the camera phone quality of these next few images πŸ˜‰ )

We used Behr paint, “Window Pane.”

Mid-Century Modern home office by The Markows

and while the paint was drying, We were in the garage sanding and lacquering our desk top…

Mid-Century Modern home office by The Markows

as for the desk top its self, we ordered an unfinished butcher’s block workbench from Home DepotΒ for $290.

Then we lacquered it and screwed in some hairpin legs that Steve found on etsy. Overall, the 60×30″ desk cost us $387, not bad.

We decided that we needed a table for our printer since we didn’t want it taking up space on our desk, so we repurposed an old end table from our apartment by sanding it down and priming and painting it…

Mid-Century Modern home office by The Markows

it fits the room perfectly and serves its purpose, all for the cost of four cans of paint… about $20.

Then we decided to add some post card shelves…

Mid-Century Modern home office by The Markows

We followed this awesome tutorial from Young House Love.Β Since the former owner left us the white trim paint, the total cost of these was about $9, the cost of the 4, 4 foot pieces of pine board πŸ™‚

As for the 5×7 throw rug, we found one that we really liked at Bed Bath and Beyond for $100, then when we went back the second time, it was on sale for $75, SCORE!!

And then we found two desk chairs that we loved at Staples for $150 each…

Mid-Century Modern home office by The Markows

We found this light that we love at Home Depot for $60.

Mid-Century Modern home office by The Markows

And then we stole the piano and TV from Steve’s parents πŸ™‚ (always great to have awesome in-laws πŸ˜‰ )


Clock: $80

Paint: $40

Desk: $375

Polyurethane: $12

Printer table: $20

Postcard shelves: $9

Office chairs: $300

Area rug: $75

TV bracket: $50

Light fixture: $60

Framed photo order (obviously a priority πŸ˜‰ ): $300. We wanted to keep it to personal photos, some we’ve taken on vacation in the Florida Keys, or while we were working, and the two framed photos of us were taken during sessions by our friends and talented photographers, Dennis Pike and Ryan Brenizer.

In the end, our office cost us just over $1,300. I’d say that’s pretty good for my favorite room ever, and the most important room in our new home. It also felt amazing too see my vision come together in a space where we’ll be spending most of our time during wedding season…

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Mid-Century Modern home office by The Markows