Delaware engagement and wedding photographers | wilmington engagement session | Lauren and Jonathan

We get a ton of Facebook messages….most of which are spam, but once in awhile we get a great one. Last October we got a message from Lauren asking if we would come to Delaware to shoot her wedding, even though she wasn’t yet engaged. Of course we said yes. Sure enough, months later, she got engaged, booked her venue, then booked us.

We traveled to Wilmington, Delaware to shoot their engagement session at Bancroft Mills and Alapocus State Park. Since we were in Delaware, we figured we would go all out, so we climbed a mountain, photographed them on a cliff, and hiked through the woods. In the process, we learned how awesome Lauren and Jon were.

Here are some examples of their awesomeness……

Lauren, like me, isn’t a fan of heights. I don’t mind pushing my boundaries to get an awesome shot, but I hate to push our couples to do something they aren’t comfortable with. Plus, safety is a priority to us. Lauren decided that it was worth it, and without hesitation walked to the edge of the cliff, all the while looking amazing as we photographed her.

Then you have Jon. He seems totally comfortable on the edge of a cliff. When we asked if they’d be comfortable going to the edge, he didn’t just walk out, he leaped out. Yes, he leaped off a rock towards the edge of a cliff without thinking twice about it. Although it was scary, that type of enthusiasm from a couple is exciting for us.

So, now you know how awesome Lauren and Jon are.


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